Besides being free, our program is different from others in the following ways:

Focus on Fundamentals

Rather than just homework help, our unique curriculum is designed to pinpoint and strengthen each student’s problem areas.

“This was the ONLY thing that could get my child up early on a Saturday morning!” — Parent


This was the ONLY thing that could get my child up early on a Saturday morning!
— Parent

Students enjoy participating in our program. Each tutoring session begins with a group warm-up activity or competitive game, and then focuses on real-world math skills.

Highly Successful Incentive Program

Students receive “THinc dollars” for on-time attendance, competitions, progress, and behavior; these can be redeemed for exciting prizes, including iPods and Amazon Kindles.

Progress Tracking

Students take frequent progress assessments to track their progress. For those who want extra help, we offer supplemental sessions on Wednesday evenings.

So what makes us different?

  • We focus on mastering the building blocks of math principles, not homework completion or test prep methods.
  • We equip our tutors with comprehensive training, ongoing support, and essential tools to ensure maximum results.
  • Our structured curriculum guides tutors through a well-defined plan tailored specifically for each student.
  • We have a highly successful incentive program that rewards students for their achievements.
  • We use engaging exercises and games that make learning fun and challenging.
  • We use tracking systems that provide tutors and staff with real-time progress information for each student.
  • We work hard to attract high quality tutors who are passionate about helping struggling students.
  • We use standardized operational systems to ensure tutoring sessions run smoothly.
  • Our tutoring adapts to the unique pace of each student.