Our unique program helps students build a strong foundation of math fundamentals. There are four basic pillars to our curriculum:

1. Basics
2. Edutainment
3. Assessment
4. Real-life Examples


We’ve developed custom curriculum for the topics covered in our program, including Arithmetic, Place Value, Estimation, and Word Problems.


Our Edutainment model incorporates math-based games to motivate and engage students, factors critical for student success.


We assess each student at the beginning and end of the school year to evaluate overall progress, with interim assessments to track progress along the way.

The initial assessment serves as the basis for planning individualized instruction, and students are tutored only on the topics they have yet to master. Before a student can progress to the next topic, they must demonstrate mastery of the current topic.

Real-life Examples

We believe the best way to learn is to make the lessons relevant to a student’s everyday life. That’s why most of the problems our students work on involve real-life examples.

Top Honors builds skills from the ground up.
— Tutor
The tutors are patient and make math fun.
— Student

Curriculum Materials

You can download our curriculum here. Please contact us for a password.